"..Where Culture & Tradition Meet Quality & Craftsmanship.."

About the chef

Pronto was founded and established in 2016 by Chef Daniel Selvaggi.

A well versed chef, with honors at George Brown Culinary College and a scholarship, presented and awarded by Chef Donna Dooher.

Alongside his educational achievements, Daniel was humbled with the amazing opportunity to be mentored and taught by some of the best Chef’s/Culinary professor’s the province of Ontario has to offer. The networking opportunities that arose through George Brown Culinary College has made Chef Daniel’s Culinary journey really one to look back upon.

Daniel has a deep routed passion for the culinary world and for food itself. Working in the industry for 16 years now, Chef Daniel Selvaggi has been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside a major Pioneers in the industry, Chef Jamie Kennedy participate in one of his many events, at the Drake Hotel. Daniel was also hired by Chef David Chrystian to be a part Taboo Resort & Spa in Muskoka.

Living in beautiful Muskoka for just under a year, Daniel was able to take his fine dining repertoire to another level.

In Muskoka, chef Daniel got to work meet and work alongside a great mind, and good friend, Chef Luke Hayes, owner and founder of one of Canada’s #1 underground supper clubs called L.U.S.T.

At 30 years old Chef Daniel has dedicated almost half of his life to cooking. Pronto Pasta & Catering is built upon the idea and belief that humbleness, honesty, hard work, respect and passion for the food.

Pronto is a company “Where culture & tradition meet quality & craftsmanship”


Words from the Chef….


“…The kitchen is a place where, some of my longest lasting memories were made…. Some of my most vivid memories as a child took place in the kitchen or at the table….I am now more excited than ever to share these same memories and passions with the rest of the world…”


“Love Food, Love Family, Love Yourself.”





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